Mental Health Solutions

Therapeutic plan


First of all, we offer a free initial consultation to every new client seeking help for an assessment.

It means that our professionals are trained, qualified and specialised in finding tailored solutions for people’s mental health and wellbeing. Our work, together with the person, aims to achieve their emotional stability and finding a balance which promotes awareness, freedom of expression, and ultimately happiness. Happiness particularly, is a very subjective concept. Each one of us is unique and different, and deserves to be treated as such, in all aspects of our lives, but more so when it comes to healthcare, and the “care of Mind“.

Another considerable point of strength of all Athena’s associate professionals in Northern Ireland – who join the Team through a selective screening process – is their high level of competence which allow us to assist clients alongside GPs, psychiatrists, nurses and social workers, operating within ordinary clinics and also in emergency situations; we relate to the competent authorities, release expert commissioned reports and always make sure to prioritise each patient’s comfort, respect of privacy, confidentiality and safety.

Our methodology of intervention comprises tools of behavioural science and psychoanalytic investigation, within the neurological framework. That is why, while integrity certainly constitutes Athena’s flagship, our psychotherapists apply an integrative and pragmatic approach to psychological treatment.

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