Courses, Events and Activities

The International Biocentric Psychoanalysis Institute (IBPI®) is Athena’s first trademark registered for the professional training of private psychotherapists in the UK.

Athena has been accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists to deliver a special programme called International Diploma in Biocentric Psychoanalysis (Eq. Level 7).

Biocentric Psychoanalysis is a new internationally recognised therapeutic modality pioneered by Prof. Dr. Melania Anna Duca and insured for practice in the UK and abroad.

Our students learn mostly by practising alongside well-established practitioners. Apprenticeship is compulsory until completion of the number of hours required to develop competence within the psychotherapeutic field.

IBPI provides a variety of accredited CPD courses available annually not only for students and trainees but often open to enrolment by the general public.

One thought on “Courses, Events and Activities

  1. I’m wondering if there is a Mental Health course for carers near Doolin in August. I gather that there is and I’m would like to know what weekend in August it takes place. Sincerely.
    Kevin Conroy


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