Solutions for your Wellbeing

Athena partners with the local sport facilities and hires the best complementary therapists available to offer you alternative and tailored solutions for your wellbeing. The key of our success is the hybrid background and approach of Athena’s business strategies; along with a profound passion for what we do, and for helping NI community grow.

We strongly believe that, when it comes to healthcare, each client is entitled to receive the best treatment accessible, updated to the most recent innovation in the sector, performed by the most experienced and best-rated professionals.
We are also firmly convinced that no long-lasting mental health can ever be attainable without working also on the body, from taking care of one’s diet to exercise and staying healthy.

Because of this reason, Athena offers – among other services:

  • Private, low-cost and fast blood testing (prescription included)
  • A free initial consultation with a nutritionist
  • Natural supplements available to buy also at our premises
  • A free initial consultation with one of our counsellors (undiagnosed patients)
  • PAP – Psychoanalysis for athletic performance©
  • Psylysin – Freudian dream analysis & psychosynthesis based on virtual reality exposure©
  • Assisted lucid dreaming
  • CES – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation
  • Social therapy
  • Discounts on the membership subscriptions of our Sport partners, and
  • Vouchers for their sample lessons
  • Yoga & guided meditation classes
  • Anger management practical sessions (for individuals and groups)
  • Employees wellbeing programme
  • Teambuilding for businesses.

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