Prof. Dr. Melania Anna Duca, Founder CEO of Athena

“Athena promotes integration, multiculturalism and togetherness. Integration of the methods (of psychological intervention), integration of the sciences, with their own different languages, and most important integration of their truths, spoken to tell us a unique story, that one of Humanity and Its journey of discovery towards an unknown future. Health is a concept which extends from individuals to the society they belong. Because there is no individuality without wholeness (David Bohm). And that is why healthcare is such an important matter. Too often the governments miss the infrastructures in place to meet the demands of an overgrowing global population. Athena was incorporated on April 15th 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to supply innovative, effective and affordable mental health testing and treatment services to our private clients in Northern Ireland and abroad. Trading since day 1, we are extremely proud of the results already achieved and more excited about what will come next. Not only are we providing the assistance our customers need, employing full time the most qualified and experienced professionals in our sector, but also – partnering with Eurofins Scientific – Athena has been able to help NI defeat the Coronavirus emergency, through low-cost diagnostics and free distribution of medical protective equipment. I firmly believe that the core meaning of enterprising is to deliver creative solutions to improve the world.”

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